A to Z about High speed door|ประตูไฮสปีด|COAD THAILAND

How did High speed doors come about?

Big blue High speed door with big question mark
What is high speed door?

Normally factory entrances are very large. So it’s heavy. When it’s heavy, it’s hard to open and close, and eventually you leave it open.
And the dust starts to build in the factory, and the bugs start coming in, and the quality control, the process gets bad, and so on.

A HIGH SPEED DOOR is designed to solve these problems.

It opens and closes quickly, dividing inside from the outside.
Of course, there are shutter doors and overhead doors.
The problem is that the shutter door or overhead door is slow.
Also, structurally, shutters or overhead doors are not suitable for frequent use.
So most people install speed door.
It’s not because the shutter and overhead doors are bad, but because they have different use.
(You can also use the shutter and the overhead door if it’s not your place.)
Structurally, Speed doors are “roll up”.
The panel is applied with PVC sheets.
There are several reasons for applying PVC sheets.
1. The flexible and smooth organization makes it ideal for rapid roll up.
2. It’s flexible and smooth, so it absorbs shock.
3. It rolls up gently, so there is less noise.

High speed door is component of sheet, cover box, motor, wind bar, frame,bottom-bar
Component of high speed door

The speed door consists of a motor, frame, sheet, an aluminum bar, cover box.
Let’s look at each of the characteristics and the pros and cons.

The next story is about a motor.
There are mainly Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian manufacturers.
COAD use Japanese motor “Hyponic motor of smimoto

2 shot of Internar type and Exterior type
Internal type VS Exterior type

Depending on the attached type of motor,

there are internal and external types.

Literally, the internal type is located inside the drum box.
The exterior type is located in an exposed form outside the drum box.

The advantage of the internal type model is
1. The internal type is located inside the product, so it is blocked from the outside, so there is no need to manage it, and life expectancy is extended.
2. The internal structure is more efficient in terms of power transfer.
3. The internal motor allows space savings if there is not enough space.

The advantage of the exterior type model is
1. The external design is assembled with a + speed reduction +brake commercially available to the motor, so it is good to replace with each part.
2. The motor is easy to replace because it is exposed to the outside.
3. The price is relatively lower than the internal type.


And then next is a material.

There are three types of high speed door material.

1. Pre-Coated Metal (PCM) 
2. Aluminium extrusion
3. Stainless Steel
(LINK to Wikipedia)

As Corrosion resistance in order
Stainless steel>Aluminium extrusion>Pre-coated metal (PCM)

As Shock resistance in order
Aluminium extrusion>Pre-coated metal (PCM) >Stainless steel

High speed door manufacturers make different shapes, assembly methods used, materials. We basically use aluminum to make a round style that not being covered with dust and have a good aesthetic. However, you can always contact us because we can manufacture High speed door as PMC, Stainless steel and more to meet customer requests.

High speed door is localized with stainless
High speed door is localized with stainless

The wind bar and the bottom bar also use aluminum extrusion.
Using the wind bar, connect the sheet to the sheet, and these features
Maintenance costs are dramatically reduced as only damaged parts can be replaced.
It also serves as a wind pressure-resistant.

Exceptionally, COAD-3 does not have a wind-bar or a bottom-bar, but it automatically recovers in the event of a collision. COAD-3 is made of PVC guide rail and the Plastic tooth instead of brush and wind bar


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