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Safety first COAD industriral door
Safety first COAD

COAD puts customer safety first. All of the products are manufactured according to the European CE standard and four patented safety sensors are provided as basic options on the left and right, preventing accidents with industrial automatic doors.

Safety sensor
Safety sensor

Because Most people are in a hurry, they try to enter the door before all doors are opened or forklift cars are moving. The number of collision accidents with automatic doors is increasing every year. If you install a high-speed door equipped with a patented safety sensor, you can reduce safety accidents.

Wide products line-up
Wide product line-up

COAD industrial automation door can be installed at any site where automatic door is required by building the world’s largest product line.

It can be installed the corridor is narrow, height of opening is the 10m or where need to be linked to various sensors and systems such as conveyor belts and air curtain. If you tell us the necessary conditions at the site, we will build and install a fast-speed automatic door.

Most of the high-speed automatic door components are made of aluminum, so they can be used semi-permanently because they are resistant to deformation and corrosion, and even a bolt and nut can be used to prevent water or moisture from rusting, so both inside and outside can be installed.

high speed door with pre-existing door
High speed door with pre-existing door

As you can see in the picture above, even the site where hangers or shutters are already installed. During business hours when logistics or people are busy, hangers are opened, and speed doors are closed outside of business hours, so you can double lock and security.

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High speed doors drawing

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