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In special circumstances, the factory doors can be used manually without the use of sensors, and manual opening and closing modes and automatic switching modes can be easily operated by the operator. It is also possible to set the speed door opening to half open and close, just like a forklift or a person’s height.

Why you shuold install Hi-speed door?

COAD speed door installed in where need to frequent access.
The factory is busy with forklift, trucks and people, and lots of people are working.
Open and close factory doors are installed internally and externally and help people and objects enter and exit easily.
Large shutters have always been kept open because of forklift, trucks, but COAD speed doors are opened and closed only by necessity, keeping the air inside constant, which has been kept cold or warm.
If the large doors of the factory are opened more than necessary, it will take more time and there will be a large loss of energy in the space above the height of the person or forklift. And if the door opens and closes slowly, it will loss a lots of energy.

High speed door for only your company

High speed door is localized with stainless
High speed door is localized with stainless

COAD factory automation door is an industrial door suitable for the factory environment. In addition to its functions as a door, it can be applied with various functions through consulting. Carrier belts, food companies’ automatic doors for HACCP certification, clean rooms, and car wash etc.

Link-able with various devices

Speed door with air-curtain
Speed door with air-curtain

A common feature of factory doors in the food industry is the air curtain-linked speed door, a air motor to blow out foreign substances when the speed door is opened. It is an excellent complement to prevent foreign substances from entering.

BEST Customer services

COAD has been awarded
KSCI 3years

The customer’s confidence and technical skills in COAD proved that it was able to win 3years in a row for the auto door category of KSCI, and that it ranked first in the industrial automation category for the second year in a row.
COAD Manufacturing/installation teams are responsible for the details of the site you may miss and communicate directly with customers.


In addition to providing a variety of control functions, the plant’s automatic doors provide air conditioning, ventilation, sound insulation and wind protection with very fast switching speeds of up to 3m/Sec. It is durable, highly resistant to pollution and corrosion, so it can be useful in places where special cold treatment is needed.

You can choose your color of sheet
Color of sheet

Many sites have been designed with printing a phrase on a sheet to keep the operational alert, and by printing the company’s logo on the sheet.
Factory automatic doors are made with custom doors.

태국 4.png

COAD factory-automated doors have been selected through tens of thousands of safety/constructural tests, one by one, and even the small parts used. We will continue to communicate with our customers and always make them the speed door they want to use first.
It will be made by COAD, a speed door that can be bought and trusted!

Please feel free to contact us.
Thai,English, and Korean are all possible.

High speed doors catalog

High speed doors drawing

[Tel] 038 878 380 / 090 909 1171
[Website] http://www.highspeeddoor.co.th/
[Address] 9 Moo 5, Tambon Khao KhanSong, Amphoe Si Racha, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20110
[E-mail] coad@highspeeddoor.co.th


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