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So where you can Install speed door?

Speed door is an automatic door installed in the factory a lot.
But you don’t have to install it only in the factory.
You can install it in gas stations, in Hotels, in parking lots, in private garages, as there are already many cases.

speed door in factory
speed door in factory

Car washing machine

Speed doors are installed at the entrance to and exit from the vehicle for which you want to wash. Airtight system is applied to the left, right, and bottom to prevent a significant portion of machine noise, and thus address noise complaints. It is very convenient to open and close automatically using the sensor or the washing machine system interlock.

Speed door in car wash machine
Speed door in car wash machine


It’s also installed at the entrance to the parking lot. We also print out the hotel’s name on a sheet to promote it. COAD speed door has a design specialist, so you can print the same sheet as your existing sign image. Don’t worry if you don’t have a separate image! We can make for you a few design.

speed door in parking a lot
Speed door in a parking lot

A parking lot

Quickly open and close, allowing the customer to enter the car park safely, further contributing to their information and safety.
The closing height of the automatic door can be adjusted to suit your taste, preventing the license plate of the parked vehicle from being exposed to the outside.
Convenient, sensible, and promotional speed doors will boost your sales!

In addition, there was an apartment and building speed door. In some cases, wind from the underground parking lot can cause a variety of garbage to enter, and if there is a large number of unauthorized vehicles entering, there may be a lack of parking spaces or safety issues.
The cost savings are achieved by installing speed doors and isolating the exterior to maintain a pleasant parking.

Please feel free to contact us.
Thai,English, and Korean are all possible.

High speed doors catalog

High speed doors drawing

[Tel] 038 878 380 / 090 909 1171
[Website] http://www.highspeeddoor.co.th/
[Address] 9 Moo 5, Tambon Khao KhanSong, Amphoe Si Racha, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20110
[E-mail] coad@highspeeddoor.co.th


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