Why you can trust COAD HIGH SPEED DOOR?|RAPID DOOR|ประตูความเร็วสูง|COAD THAILAND

There are currently many companies in High speed door of Thailand . How many of them are reliable?

태국 3.png
You have to look at three things in order to find a reliable business. There are three key elements: sustainable, quality and warranty, and see how COAD is satisfying in those three areas.

HIgh speed door
HIgh speed door

a sustainable company

Coard was created by experts with 20 years of experience in the auto-mun industry and is highly skilled. Starting in Korea, it currently has the largest floating market share in the Korean market, and is steadily releasing new products with years of accumulated technology. Moreover, it is now becoming bigger and bigger and it is spreading to Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia all over the world.

a high-quality company

And that’s because of the quality that we’re able to scale. The good product comes from a good material, so COAD use the all raw materials in good quality to make a high-speed automatic door. At a large level, the rapid door of COAD is made strong, beautiful, and durable for a long time, with Sumitomo’s hypoid motors and externally protected frame covers all aluminium, thick 2T sheets on the sheets that make up the door side.
Safety is also important, because basically the photo-beam sensor is installed on either side of the frame, so the door will not close if the something is under the door. In addition, there are optional parts such as pressure sensors, which can be installed at customer request. Especially for the C-3 model, when a person or vehicle is hit, both doors and vehicles are safe, and doors are automatically restored.

a well-serviced company

co_logo_thHigh-speed automatic doors are expensive and need to be repaired in an accident, but they often cannot be contacted or take longer than two weeks to repair. Especially for overseas products, the quality is good, but the warranty is not good.

loca-factoryTo solve this problem, the company set a factory in Thailand to manufacture, install, and repair products so that the service of COAD can be provided within 48 hours. This minimizes customer inconvenience.

Please feel free to contact us.
Thai,English, and Korean are all possible.

High speed doors catalog

High speed doors drawing

[Tel] 038 878 380 / 090 909 1171
[Website] http://www.highspeeddoor.co.th/
[Address] 9 Moo 5, Tambon Khao KhanSong, Amphoe Si Racha, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20110
[E-mail] coad@highspeeddoor.co.th


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