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If you’re considering installing an industrial door, you’ll have to ask COAD. Our experts will visit the site in person and advise you on the optimal door product. In addition, experts will guide you through the products that are suitable for the field in relation to the sensor.
COAD has a range of advanced sensors such as metal sensing sensors, infrared sensors, and ultrasonic sensors optimized for industrial automatic doors, so the sensors are applied to meet the requirements of the site.

Loop sensor

Loop sensor,speed door,automatic
Loop sensor and speed door

The loop sensor works by laying roop coils on the floor using tile cutters. The magnetic field formed by a loop coil deforms as the metal approaches. It sends the signal to the factory and the door opens automatically. Loop sensors cannot easily damage sensors unless they are subjected to artificial forces such as natural disasters or flooring.
It can be used as a semi-permanent under heat, humidity, and strength. This sensor is applied to the most number of sites regardless of indoor and outdoor conditions.

Sumitomo motor

manual break realese
manual break realese

All of the high-speed doors are equipped with motors from SUMIMTOMO, JAPAN. This ultra-light size eliminates the need to worry about the space of the motor, and applies a hypoid accelerator (HYPOID) to reduce slippage, which makes it more efficient. The driving noise is 15 to 20 dB, blocking noise from the other side rather than annoying, completing a pleasant industrial environment!


The opening/opening speed can be set up to 3.0m/s, enabling the opening to be fully opened within 1-2 secons. Moreover, the closing speed is also very fast, so we recommend an close speed of about 1.5m/s for your safety. Speed door’s controller is also developing its own research. So it’s possible to be linked with any automated device. You can also connect to car washers, vehicle sensors, light bulbs, and other company’s automatic doors!

Please feel free to contact us.
Thai,English, and Korean are all possible.

High speed doors catalog

High speed doors drawing

[Tel] 038 878 380 / 090 909 1171
[Address] 9 Moo 5, Road Khao KhanSong, Amphoe Si Racha, Chon Buri 20110


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