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COAD Specializing in industrial door

Wide range of products
Wide range of products

As Korea’s largest company specializing in high-speed doors, the company can install any site with the largest product line (total of 13 types).
We recommend slim COAD-2 for narrow corridors or columns, COAD-8 for cold storage, and Big Door COAD-10 for large openings.

Choice of global company


Based on our high technology and differentiated service, we have achieved good results not only in Korea but also in Thai markets. We have know-how that we built in various global companies such as Samsung, Coca-Cola, and 3M.



This is the basic high-speed door COAD-1 installed in the chemical factory . This model is assembled from each sheets, so there are no joints at all, and the lower end is neatly finished with a bottom-bar for a strong seal.

Benefit of Speed door

So speed door can stop the leakage of dust, noise, etc. from outside, and we can solve the civil complaints.
It prevents the inflow of fine dust, moisture, and hot air, which is an external hazardous element, and provides pleasant indoor environment maintenance facilities and material protection.
As assembly between sheets is easy, it is possible to separate them in a single unit, so if a sheet is involved in a collision, only the sheet needs to be replaced to reduce the maintenance and maintenance cost.


Aluminium frame
Aluminium frame

The frame is equipped with a high-strength Wind Bar and Wind Bar Lock, which can be installed even in windy areas.
The frames and drums that make up the high-speed doors are all made of aluminum and are semi-permanent for deformation and corrosion.

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high speed door composition

Various coverage

The motors are equipped with high-quality Sumitomo Hipponic motors that are patented in the United States, so they are not easily broken by frequent use of the high-speed doors.


Because high-speed doors are usually installed at industrial sites and logistics centers, they can be linked to various sensors and systems
It can be easily linked to various systems such as proximity sensors, infrared sensors, vehicle/metallic sensing sensors, interlocks, conveyor belts, and air curtain without any installation process.

Just let me know the needs of the site, and an expert will suggest a high-speed door that is perfect for the site.

Please feel free to contact us.
Thai,English, and Korean are all possible.

High speed doors catalog

High speed doors drawing

[Tel] 038 878 380 / 090 909 1171
[Address] 9 Moo 5, Road Khao KhanSong, Amphoe Si Racha, Chon Buri 20110


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