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Workspaces should always maintain a comfortable average temperature.
Although there are many factors that cause air to permeate inside, such as windows and gaps in the exterior walls of a building, it is effective to properly block the most exposed exterior doors.

Wide range of products
Wide range of products

COAD industrial automatic door series can be installed in factories, parking lots, car wash, etc.
It has been applied to a variety of sites for a long time.
Fast opening and closing speeds and tightness are key advantages and are useful where space separation is required.

If you are uncomfortable with the door you are using, we strongly recommend an ours industrial door.
There are many types of factory doors, such as overhead doors and wind-resistant shutters.
COAD High-Speed Automatic Door is the best choice for air-tightening, automatic opening, and fast entry

Automatic speed door slim type COAD-2

We can provide you with a slim (COAD-2) high-feed door that can be used in a small space!
You can also install the product in a row because a motor inside the upper drum.
This is the most frequently applied high-speed automatic door in the event of a small installation site in a car repair shop or inside a factory.
although its small size, You can set the maximum opening and closing speed to 3.0 m/s for fast access.
But for the safety of the field, we recommend a 1.5m/s opening speed!

automatic speed door recovery type Coad-3

The COAD-3 auto-recovery high speed automatic door features a flat sheet with a motor built into the upper drum, just like a slim.
Compared to other models, the maximum build size is very large at 12mx12m (WxH).
On the left and right sides of the sheet is a tooth-shaped plastic, designed to derail smoothly under strong external pressure, such as a car crash.
The derailed sheet can be operated in the rail by repeating the opening and closing motions once more.

rapid door
Automatic speed door basic type COAD-1

The COAD-1 basic industrial door provides the sheet and sheet with a wind bar of high strength aluminium.
Therefore, the color can be applied to each single unit, and the sheet can be removed and combined easily.
Special sheet such as transparent sheets and mash sheets are also available.
The transparent sheet allows you to look at the other side without having to open the door.
This will help you identify reverse entrants or pedestrians and prevent potential safety accidents in advance!

Please feel free to contact us.
Thai,English, and Korean are all possible.

High speed doors catalog

High speed doors drawing

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