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Its industrial automatic doors are both effective in stopping odor and dust.
The sheet be rolled up is of a PVC Poly belt (taponine) material, which is of high durability.
It has flame retardant and UV coating on it, so it doesn’t discolourate easily in the sun and it’s not easy to penetrate the dust!


This material is also used for military tents and rubber boats, and is highly waterproof and is popular as it does not easily deform or spoil.
In sites where information protection is required, such as parking lots and research centers, the nomal sheet is applied entirely.
For the safety of drivers and pedestrians, transparent sheets are partially applied at the site where forklift and vehicles are frequented.
Replace your existing industrial door with a special sheet, such as a translucent sheet, mesh sheet, and more!

High speed door depending on customer
High speed door according to customer requirements

COAD will manufacture an automatic door according to your requirements.
As shown in the image above, transparent sheets can be applied in two stages to help you see the opposite situation without having to open the door while blocking noise, wind, etc. from outside.
You are free to choose the type, color, materials, sensor, switches and remote controls!

Safety sensor
Safety sensor

However, for safety reasons, all high-speed automatic doors are equipped with 4 photo sensors.
Inside the left and right frames, there is a light emitting part and a light receiving part.
While the door is open, if an object is located under the door and does not receive light from the light emitter, it is detected and the door remains open.

High speed door, parking a lot
High speed door in parking a lot

Speed doors have been installed in the factory for the first time, and the scope of application has been expanded to include parking lots, car wash, hotel and disinfecting facilities.
As shown above, the number of people requesting the installation of COAD-1 in ordinary place has steadily increased.

factory speed door, pvc door
high speed door controller

Some people are worried about how to do this in case of a failure or how to change the settings.
The controller is intuitive to make simple changes directly. Of course, if you are in a complicated situation, such as working with a new device, please contact us and our staff will visit and help you.
In the event of a problem situation, the Customer Support Center is open 24 hours a day, so feel free to contact us!

A/S within one year of installation and all visit are free. A trained professional will conduct consulting on the basis of our 20 years of know-how.

Please feel free to contact us.
Thai,English, and Korean are all possible.

High speed doors catalog

High speed doors drawing

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