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loop sensor(metal, matrix)

Loop sensor,speed door,automatic
Loop sensor and speed door(red portion)

​High-speed automatic doors installed in factories use loop sensor that are mostly landfill. It digs a thin groove on the floor and landfill the sensor coil. It opens automatically when metal is detected on loop sensor.

It’s really convenient because the high-speed automatic door is automatically opened without pressing the button.
when the doors are opened and when metal is detected are depending on the sensitivity of the sensing element.

Falcon sensor


In case of simultaneous entry and exit by a person, Use the Falcon Sensor to detect even people including metal and open the high-speed automatic door.
Please refer to the video below.

0:40 sensor part

Why high speed door is?

Smooth traffic between people and vehicles on the industrial site also has a significant impact on the efficiency of the job. A non-dangerous high-speed automatic door can also give a pedestrian a sense of psychological stability. also, it keeps out the wind, and in severe days, it prevents fine dust from entering. It’s because it has a strong seal. A double brush applied to the high-speed automatic door is playing its role.

Wide range of products
Wide range of products


​High-speed automatic doors are used in a environment like factory, as well as in car wash, motel/hotels, interlocks, parking lots, personal warehouses and garage areas. It has a clean, eye-catching high-speed automatic door that even has an interior design effect.

You can choose your color of sheet
Color of sheet

The colors of sheet are orange, blue, and gray, and can be selected according to the desired image.
You can print a phrase or logo.
We will provides a company-specific high-speed automatic door solution.

Please feel free to contact us.
Thai,English, and Korean are all possible.

High speed doors catalog

High speed doors drawing

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