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As COAD Korea Auto Door uses the highest performance automatic door controller, it has been installed in conjunction with various sensors and automation equipment at the request of the customer. Now let’s look at the different sensors that COAD uses.


The Ultrasonic Sensor is that detects and operates within a specified range of people or vehicles as shown below. Sensors that work well for a wide range of vehicles to and from large size automatic doors.


Infrared sensors detect only moving objects. It only works with people or vehicles moving between automatic doors, preventing them from being opened by other elements for long periods of time.


LOOP SENSOR is buried in the ground and activated as metal passes over the ground. Sensors that are useful for places where vehicles come and go frequently, not people’s entrances, and that are used only for cars and forklifts.
COAD uses special methods of burial, especially when buried in land, that may not interfere with other surrounding metal elements. This is also COAD unique know-how in trying to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Non-Touch and Touch Switch

A manually operated touch switch can be installed where the automatic door does not need to be operated unnecessarily. Of course, you can install both the touch switch and the sensor at the same time, and you can set manual and automatic with the settings of the controller.
In case of non-touch sensor, it will be proper for where hygiene is important.

Remote Control

Of course, you can open and close the door through remote control as well as direct switch. There are two types of remote control: single remote control and multi-channel remote control


The photo sensor is used as a safety sensor.Between automatic doors, the function is to keep the automatic doors open even if the person is standing motionless in an area not detected in the range of other sensors.

As such, COAD has been using a variety of sensors to ensure safe operation and rapid and accurate operation of High speed doors. In addition, COAD consulting and construction personnel frequently participate in in in-house training of controllers and various connected sensors/systems in order to maintain their expertise as the top domestic company.

You can use a combination of sensors as needed, or you can use only one option. Best-in-class sensors from home and abroad provide peace of mind for reliability and durability.

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