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factory door is new to most people, and it’s an expensive one, so many of you might be wondering what to start with. First of all, there are so many types of factory doors used in the factory that you may be wondering which automatic door to choose. I’ll answer that question today.

Types of automatic factory doors

Speed doors – Suitable for frequent access

To briefly introduce the speed door, it is the main body that is installed at the top and the automatic door which is made up of frame and opening sheet. Speed doors, as the name suggests, are extremely fast automatic opening, which improves work efficiency without disrupting traffic. It is a typical factory automatic door that contributes to maintaining a pleasant interior environment by preventing external factors, dust, bugs, and air from flowing in at the same time as work efficiency increases. You can also see the energy and cost savings used for traditional collaboration at the same time, and it’s a frequently used door, so it’s designed specifically for safety.

High speed door for hygency

Speed doors can also be changed from button operation to sensor operation to remote control operation. They can also be linked to the ride, so you can see the best work effect depending on how you apply them.
It is usually installed in places where vehicles frequently enter and have to protect the interior. For example, parking lots, hotels, food factories, electronics factories, beverage factories, and steel (large door).

Overhead door – ideal for safe storage

As with speed doors, it is the same to go up and down, but the thickness and purpose of the door are different. Unlike speed doors that use sheets, panels are used to provide a stronger security. It also requires a lot of space at the top, but its strength is that it’s simple to structure and easy to use.

Overhead door at front entrance

This type of door is mainly operated in the form of RFID sensors, remote control and manual switching.
It is often installed in garages, freezers, and logistics centers, and is often used in places where the role of protecting products is emphasized.

Stacking Door – Not enough space on top

The use of panels, such as overhead doors, is the same, but if there is not enough space on the upper part, a stacking door is recommended. Unlike overhead doors, the stack door has panels stacked on top of the door, which saves space and, if bulb at the top of the entrance, also eliminates shadow. Unlike normal overhead, the COAD stacking door use a chain drive to deliver more reliable power and open speed up to three times faster.

Factory stacking door at entrance

Similar to overhead doors, stack doors also operate primarily in RFID sensors, remote control and manual switching.
The main use case is similar to the overhead door, but is often used for faster switching speeds and higher space.

The most important thing is fitting.

By installing the right door at each site, it will lead to not only the efficiency of the job, but also the better product quality. If you’re not sure, please contact us at COAD CO and LTD and we’ll discuss the product that’s perfect for the site.
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