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Fine dust has become a big issue these days. Therefore, it became necessary for many people to wear masks. As a result, requests for high-speed automatic doors are also increasing for factories.

high speed door

The automatic doors of the COAD establish a closed system that does not allow even a small gap to completely block the inflow of fine dust!

  • First, windproof sheet are used at the bottom of the high speed door to provide a perfect seal to the floor, and even on the bottom of the bend, there is no gap in sight.
  • Second, the automatic doors open and close along the high speed automatic door rail. A gap may be created when the automatic door is closed, causing fine dust and insects to flow into a small gap, but COAD uses a brush guide along the rail, so it doesn’t allow even a small gap.
  • Third, you might be worried, “there is the chance dust coming when automatic doors open and close?” You can use the air curtain also. The air curtain is driven when the automatic doors are about to open and close, preventing various dust coming from the outside or cooling and heating from inside and outside from being lost.
  • Fourth, it can be used in food factories where hygiene is very important. The top of the automatic door is equipped with a drum, which is designed with a dust-free, round-frame structure to maintain a clean working area!
  • Fifth, the regular automatic door is made of glass, but the industrial automatic door of COAD is made of PVC sheet. The sheet is made up of 1T and 2T, each of which makes a difference. 1T is waterproof and has tough features, so it is often used in food factories that clean up water. 2T is thick and effective at entrance outside .

For sheets, the most popular colors are orange, blue, gray. You can select additional colors depending on your needs, so please contact us. The sheet is of polybelt material used to build military tents, tents or rubber boats, so it’s tough and it doesn’t tear UV coating ensures that the light doesn’t fade and stays in its original color for a long time.

The COAD speed doors are fully opened within 1 to 2 seconds, even at a 4m height, with an average drive speed of 2.5 m/s. You don’t have to wait until the door opens, so it can make your work efficiently. It is convenient to operate the sensor automatically by interlocking the sensor as the name of the automatic door. There are various types of sensor such as metal sensors, ultrasonic sensors, infrared sensors, and remote controls.

PVC sectional door

For more information, please use our homepage below, or call our representative and we’ll be glad to guide you. We have factories in Thailand, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam, so we can quick respond if problems occur.

Please feel free to contact us.
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