High speed door, COAD direct responsibility system | PVC roll up door

​It’s hard to figure out what’s wrong with a well-used high speed door if it doesn’t suddenly work. He explained it to the person in charge at the time it was installed.
As the person in charge is changed, there are many difficulties because there is no detailed handover of the management method. If you experience problems using a high-speed automatic door, it is common to call the company you have installed. However, the speed door industry often has separate manufacturing and installation companies, making it difficult to receive follow-up care. That’s why the consumers are uncomfortable. To solve these problems, COAD has implemented a direct responsibility system and a one-year warranty on product quality assurance.

What is the direct responsibility system?

COAD technical master engineer directly manages speed door manufacturing, installation, and follow-up. If you tell us the company name and area, We can check history and process it. In addition, we can provide the fastest installation and service in Thailand by drastically reducing the time required for installation and repair as we conduct manufacturing and follow-up management with inventory at our factories in Thailand. With the system, which was launched for the convenience of consumers with industry-specific services, COAD holds the largest market share in Korea in the field of automatic door. This scale of expansion leads to economies of scale, which is the foundation for better quality and service for consumers at more affordable prices.


There are many types of factory doors, but the high-speed automatic doors open up to 3 meters per second, and various types of sensors are available for various options. If you are not familiar with the product or if the site is special, ask for free field visit consulting, and the our engineer will recommend the best model and options on the site on schedule.
If factory automation requires compatibility with a variety of devices, the typical company explains that this is impossible, but COAD check customer requests through the lab and provides direct technical support. So we can install high-speed automatic doors at anywhere.

Please feel free to contact us.
Thai, English, and Korean are all possible.

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[Blog] High speed door THAI: http://coadthai.wordpress.com
High speed door ENG : https://coadthailand.wordpress.com
Overhead door THAI : https://coadoverheaddoor.wordpress.com/

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