High-speed automatic doors for heating cooling systems and food companies to block internal inflow!

Due to changes in environment, there are more hot, dusty spaces that are difficult to work with doors opened.

And the cooling system is sometimes hot because the temperature does not go down easily once the door is opened and the hot wind blows in. If you need a door to block the air from outside with warm temperatures and to keep the indoor temperature at cold temperatures, install a high-speed door of the COAD.

In COAD, which has excellent technology for durability and effective, the door of COAD’s high-speed automatic door opens and closes only when necessary to prevent the indoor temperature from dropping, and thus the space is highly utilized.

In addition, the two sides and the bottom section are sealed, so it is a high-speed, well-maintained automatic door that can be safely installed in a place where heating and cooling are needed or in a food warehouse.

COAD high speed door is designed and constructed with a single frame of care. The frame structure itself is designed to keep the workplace clean, and the high-strength aluminium of the frame is compressible and can be used semi-permanent without corrosion.

If the curtain is also damaged, it can be replaced easily. This curtain does not easily flutter in the wind and tear easily so it can be installed on the outside. Since you can clean the water, you can clean it easily if it gets dirty. In particular, it can be installed indoors by food companies.

The most important thing about high-speed automatic doors is that they open and close at high speed. It’s not a long time to open the door, so it’s efficient.

The motor is a hypoid-geared motor manufactured by Sumitomo Corp. in Japan, and is built in high-efficiency, ultralight size with high speed switching(0.8~2M/sec). For small, brake-free DC motors, space utilization is minimized.

Inverter control is designed to separate people or vehicles for speed doors and link them to air curtain, conveyors, etc. Because it’s an automatic door, need a sensor connection.

Motion sensors, metal sensors, remote control sensors. For remote control sensors, it is easy to press the button while driving the vehicle and to limit the number of people entering.

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[Blog] High speed door THAI: http://coadthai.wordpress.com
High speed door ENG : https://coadthailand.wordpress.com
Overhead door THAI : https://coadoverheaddoor.wordpress.com/

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