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If you go to an old factory or work site, there are still iron shutters. Even if the metal shutters are closed, outside air enters through the cracks, and since the iron itself does not have a high blocking effect, the material from the outside comes in. Also, when you go in and out of the factory, you often leave it open because low speed opening. If you get used to it, it’s okay, but it can also cause damage to the product. So many people are effectively protecting their products by introducing factory automatic doors.


It costs money to introduce industrial doors. However, you can avoid product quality problems, deadline problems, and above all, employees can be happy. Therefore, you should think that the installation of factory doors is not a ‘cost’ but an ‘investment’.


Of course, when you try to install the high speed doors, you may have a problem with what should to do first. You don’t have to do that. As soon as we receive our quotation, COAD will visit the site to recommend the right products for your site situation and keep you informed. If you have a request, we recommend product models, dimensions, sensor options, etc. Instead of using off-the-shelf products to fit the site, we can manufacture order-made door that meet 100% of your needs. It doesn’t tolerate even a small gap, and fast on-site drive is standard.


In sheets, There are two types of thicknesses, 1T and 2T, which allow you to install a match depending on the site. When you need water cleaning, you can apply 1T sheet and when you have to install them outside, 2T sheet. The sheet is a double-woven, woven PVC polybelt material that is very durable and excellent. It doesn’t wrinkle easily, it doesn’t tear well with a knife, so it can withstand any windy place. It is a powerful material that does not tear easily and is suitable for windy areas.


In addition, you can install yellow clear sheet and clear sheet where you need view the work site from the outside. Clear sheet can be used to reduce the risk of collisions. Also, the yellow clear sheet are installed to minimize the inflow of insects, using the characteristics of insects that do not recognize yellow wavelengths, Often installed to prevent ingress. Food, medicine, cosmetics, etc. are usually installed in yellow clear sheet. The sheet are UV-coated to block UV light and prevent the color of the sheet from fading. It also prevents fungi from occurring because of its anti-bacterial process. Because it doesn’t catch fire very well, it can be evacuated through an automatic door.

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