New Automatic Door with New Year with a and a New Start|High speed door|COAD

in the beginning of the new year, Many businesses draw up business plans for this year’s budget an collect estimates for product or facility management. It’s a time when many companies think it’s important to make a good budget for the year.


High speed door

Many of the customers who are inquiring about the COAD Speed Door are asking for a quotation for this year’s installation. Check the horizontal and vertical size of the entrance before giving an estimate.


High speed automatic door

You can select a sensor according to the site’s specific information. If you don’t know what is proper, you can give it to the COAD and let us estimate it with the appropriate sensor.
COAD Speed Door has the largest model in Korea from COAD-1 to 13 for each site.


The custom-built COAD high-speed automatic door is automatically opened up to 3 meters per second as the sensors recognize a person or vehicle.It is also compatible with a variety of automated devices, such as automatic washing machines, elevators, and firefighting links.



In order to support the smart technology of speed doors due to changes in industrial sites,COAD is steadily developing its products through the Industrial Research department. The newly developed COAD-3IN (Indoor) indoor recovery type high-speed automatic door is an upgrade from the existing recovered speed door and can be exit in case of emergency.

Factory automatic door

As COAD continues to develop its products and increase exports through overseas branches and local factories in six countries around the world, we are the first to receive an award as Korea’s deputy prime minister for economic affairs.

Please feel free to contact us.
Thai, English, and Korean are all possible.

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