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The problem with internal air is not just in the home. Air purification is also required at companies and factories that produce goods or warehouses where goods are stored are also unavoidable from fine dust. Especially when it comes to warehouses and couriers, where things come and go countless times a day, they can’t always close the door, so they choose to keep it open. And then all the bad things come in. The COAD’s high-speed automatic doors are designed to help you open and close faster to eliminate this concern.

Clean factory

High speed door
brand: COAD
model: C-1

In the case of a house, people can open and close the door themselves, but the site of an industry with a large production line needs a huge door, so it is impossible for people to open and close it themselves. So the COAD’s high-speed automatic door came up with a way to put on a motor and open the door comfortably. As a result, the company has become the number one company on the list of customers by winning the grand prize for the sixth consecutive year in the brand name.


High speed door
brand: COAD
model: C-1

The motors used in the doors provide a sense of trust by using the commonly known Sumitomo Motor of Japan. Because of the size of the door, the motor must keep moving. That can make your ears ache every time you open or close because of the noise. That’s why you use this motor. The noise has been reduced so much that we don’t even know if it’s mounted in the sheet. It was rated B in the insulation class and is available for high-efficiency COAD high-speed automatic doors as it is ultra-light.


High speed door
brand: COAD
model: C-1

Since the external material is made of aluminum, it is resistant to corrosion and wear unlike other products, so once purchased, it can be used for a long time. Also, the sheet themselves are strong, so they don’t wear out easily if it rains or snows outside. If there is any contamination or scratches on the sheets, you don’t have to replace them all. you can replace only partially damaged sheets, use them as if they were new. So once you buy a COAD high-speed automatic door, you can usually use it for more than 10 years. We’ve studied it for a long time for customer stisfication. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us in real time.

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