Only high-speed automatic door that can be installed even small place

High speed doors can only be installed outside?

COAD Industrial door are applied anywhere regardless of interior or outside the building.Many of the people who are inquiring about our branch office are curious about the slim, high-speed automatic door products that they found out about.

Left(Basic Speed Door), right(Slim Speed Door),

Typical industrial doors cannot be installed in narrow corridors or building entrances because they have an external motor, which requires separate space for the motor on the left or right. But the slim, high-speed automatic door (COAD-2) is equipped with the motor for the slim model inside the upper drum section, which eliminates the need for a separate space for the drum. Slim Speed Door can utilize the entire entrance and the allow it to maintain cleanliness with extended motor lifespan.


Double-pressurized high-strength aluminium frame VS steel frame

Food plants have no risk of rust generation due to the application of the COADd high-speed automatic door with double-compressed aluminium frames. Because cleanliness in the workplace is paramount in a food factory or pharmaceutical company, the cleanliness of the workplace is more secure by choosing a slim industrial door rather than a regular high-speed automatic door.

Clients of COAD

The durable COAD Auto Door is a custom-built automatic door that can be installed anywhere, without any limitations. A staff in charge of the COAD branch provides high-speed automatic door consulting directly in the your business by visiting customers free of charge.

Not just a visit to sell automatic doors, experts advise you as to whether you really need them in the field or what’s right for you to make decisions.

We have been having Thailand’s direct operations and manufacturing factory, the people in charge are responding quickly across the country. The 365 customer center operation is also carried out to support quick action on AS cases that occur early in the morning or on weekends.

Please feel free to contact us.
Thai, English, and Korean are all possible.

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